the universe


Falling asleep under the stars just fills and reconnects the soul. There's just something about staring into the endless universe and being intrigued with wonder. This bracelet is gorgeous on its own, or you can mix and match the stack with some of your other favs:)


  • Black, Orange, Beige, Green, Blue, Purple Original
  • Black Knot
  • Small Gold Charm
  • Adjustable from 2-5 inches in Diameter





    All of our bracelets are made with soft, waxed polyester string. All charms are made with hypoallergenic, nickel-free alloy with some charms (Desert Wave, Midnight Wave) made from stainless steel. We use the highest quality materials for safe, durable and stylish bracelets!

    Yes, each bracelet is carefully crafted by our artisans around the world. Every bead, braid and charm is strung together by talented hands with love.

    Each bracelet is adjustable from 2-5 inches in Diameter, so you can tighten or loosen it to fit your exact wrist size.

    Our current charity bracelet, blue skies, supports the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by donating 5% of all sales. We believe in giving back and doing good and love that our customers feel the same. Stay tuned for other charity bracelets for other causes that we will be adding soon!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Rachel J.
    Launch Me To The Stars!

    -BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: This "Stary Night" bracelet is simple, but beautiful. It's got these beautiful multi colored strands of green, purple, orange, black, light blue, & tan. Just really pretty. It's actually a great pick for a guy in my opinion!
    - REALISTIC REPRESENTATION: The bracelets look exactly like the picture too which is SO great because you actually get what you buy!
    -EASY TO TAKE ON & OFF: Another feature I LOVE is the slip style of the knots on the back. In order to take the bracelets on or off all you have to do is apply pressure to loosen, or pull one or both if the end strings to tighten it. It makes it REALLY easy to use!
    - GREAT LENGTH ADJUSTMENT OPTIONS: A really useful part if this bracelet is the length. All the bracelets have enough slack to widen if you have larger wrists. However I have a 6 year old and 4 year old daughters who I gave these to and they fit their wrists really well with out slippimg off at the tightest setting.
    -DURABLE MATERIAL: I'm really impressed with the weave of the bracelet material. It just feels more strong than what I was expecting. Of course time will tell, but I don't anticipate this breaking easily, which is key if your going to be outdoors alot.

    Kayla C.
    Purple October

    I LOVE the colors on these. My favorite holiday is Halloween and I’m loving the vibes this bracelet gives off with the purple, black, orange and the blue and green adds the perfect touch to these colors. It’s beautiful!

    Lauren J.

    I love the outburst of colors! Love it!

    Gorgeous colors that tie into any season

    I like the simplicity of the bracelet, and I love the bright colors because they make a statement.

    Just fun

    Honestly this one is just such a fun bracelet. Super colorful and exciting! love it!

    Brenda H.
    Breathtaking Night Skies

    Deep and vibrant colors and reminder of our "endless universe". Clean and simple. Love it!

    Starry night

    I really like this bracelet. It’s hard to find good quality bracelets like these. The colors are so well thought out and put together.

    Madiaon L.

    Cool color combo! Very cute look.

    Cute everyday bracelet

    Adorable, bohemian casual bracelet that you can wear everyday, everywhere, with every outfit. Absolutely love it.

    Savannah C.
    Perfect accessory

    This bracelet is so cute and perfect for any age! You can literally wear it with any outfit and it will complete your look. Great quality and very durable