Our Story


Hi. I’m Nadia. 

I’ve always been passionate about discovering the world through adventure. From hiking volcanoes in Guatemala, mud bathing elephants in the hills of Thailand, discovering my heritage in the mountaintops of Colombia to exploring the Grand Canyon in my own backyard of Utah, adventure is where my heart lives.

I love climbing those mountains, watching the sunsets fall on deep blue water, seeing new cultures and connecting with people I’ve never met before… but exploring my heritage in Colombia, was like no other trip I had ever been on. It was life changing in a “finding yourself” kind of way. Being half Colombian, I felt like I really connected to my roots and realized that adventure and connecting to people around the world, has shaped me into who I am. So in that moment, I was determined to find any small way I could give back to the world that had given me so much. 

That’s where the bracelets come in.

These bracelets are designed to inspire us to go out and explore, to climb those mountains, watch the sunsets, connect with people you’ve never met, and discover our part in this world. On top of that, many of these bracelets will be dedicated to support causes that are important to us and our community, by donating a portion of the purchase price of our charity bracelets. This is our way to play a small part, in a better world.

We’re so excited you’re here. Grab a bracelet and take it around the world with you. And don’t forget, you are such an important part of this world:)