blue skies


This is our first charity bracelet! And this one has meaning. It's a symbol of blue skies. Life will always have moments where dark clouds will seem to cover any sunshine in life, but the blue skies never actually go away. If you've ever flown in a plane before, you'll find that the moment you break through the clouds, no matter how dark or stormy they are, you'll always find blue skies above them. 

So when dark clouds come rolling in, this is a lil reminder that the blue skies are still there, sometimes it just takes a little time to heal and to let the clouds pass. Time that's absolutely worth waiting for.

5% of the purchase price goes to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to support any of us who wants to talk to someone, when it's hard to see the blue skies behind the clouds.


  • Light blue, Teal, Deep blue original
  • Teal Knot
  • Gold Charm
  • Adjustable from 2-5 inches in Diameter





    All of our bracelets are made with soft, waxed polyester string. All charms are made with hypoallergenic, nickel-free alloy with some charms (Desert Wave, Midnight Wave) made from stainless steel. We use the highest quality materials for safe, durable and stylish bracelets!

    Yes, each bracelet is carefully crafted by our artisans around the world. Every bead, braid and charm is strung together by talented hands with love.

    Each bracelet is adjustable from 2-5 inches in Diameter, so you can tighten or loosen it to fit your exact wrist size.

    Our current charity bracelet, blue skies, supports the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by donating 5% of all sales. We believe in giving back and doing good and love that our customers feel the same. Stay tuned for other charity bracelets for other causes that we will be adding soon!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    SOOO in love!! 😍

    The colors of this bracelet are so dreamy! It's pretty much a mix of all the prettiest blues & teals in the world. You can tell there was a lot of thought put into the style and quality!

    The coolest part is what this bracelet stands for. I think it's so admirable when companies raise awareness for causes. I haven't taken this bracelet off since I got it (several months ago) and it still looks as beautiful as it did on day one.

    Thank you Nakana for such a perfect bracelet with such a powerful daily reminder!!

    Josephine t.

    Makes me feel like home

    Kyana B.

    This is the best bracelet in the world!! They are such good quality!!!

    Stephanie H.
    A beautiful addition

    This bracelet compliments it is a beautiful color.

    Subtle and simple

    I love this for multiple reasons. I love the meaning that the blue skies carries with it, the fact that a portion of proceeds goes to charity and I like the simplicity of it since I wear very little jewelry. Love it!

    Love the Colors!

    The epitome of a beachy bracelet! I love the color scheme. It's so simple, but visually pleasing. Such a cute beach vibe with this one.

    These Colors Though!

    I'm obsessed with the colors on this bracelet and the emerald eyes. The compliment each other SO well. So I love combining them either on one wrist, both wrists or putting one or a few on my ankles. Honestly I'm obsessed with all these bracelets being anklets as well. And this coloring also compliments the skin so well. Not to mention the cause: as a social worker I'm a big advocate for suicide prevention and have a lot of experience working in that field. It warms my heart to know that a company like Nakana recognizes the importance of supporting this cause and are willing to donate to it! So in love! <3

    Lindsey W.
    the PERFECT bracelet

    I’m in love with this bracelet. It is the perfect blend of blues and looks so cute and summery on. I never want to take it off:)


    I really love this bracelet! Sooo cute!

    Sara R.
    blue skies

    I love blue!! so this is perfect! it has a great blend of blue color 💙