September 21, 2021 2 min read

We’re always looking for good listens, especially on those long road trips. It’s a perfect way to get inspired or pass the time whether you’re driving, cleaning the house or just relaxing after a long day. Here are some of our favorite Podcasts!


Nomads at the Intersections

Van life from two intelligent and passionate women never gets boring. Get in-depth with Noami and Anaïs to understand the challenges and stories underrepresented minorities face in the nomadic community. This podcast helps offer unique perspectives to increase and promote acceptance and understanding.

She Explores

Follow Gabaccia Moreno as she explores the healing and positive influences of the outdoors. Meet incredible women from all types of backgrounds and learn about their journeys and experiences with nature and the great the outdoors. In a world that grows more complicated and contentious, this podcast will help you feel grateful for those special moments of escaping to the outdoors.

The First 40 Miles

Backpackers delight! The First 40 Miles focuses on everything backpacking from health benefits, essential gear and the best games you can play on your next trek. It is full of wisdom and experience from backpacking enthusiasts Heather and Josh Legler. Well worth the listen for the experienced, beginner or aspiring backpacker!

Tough Girl Podcast

Looking for some inspiration? Tough Girls podcast highlights amazing women that overcome big challenges. Whether it is hearing from the first Lebanese woman to summit Mt. Everest, the professional runner with a heart condition or highest paid female professional american footballer, these women pack some serious inspirational messages. 

Roll with Me

Ever considered living an alternative lifestyle? Tiny houses? Campers? Vanlife? Roll with Me checks out all types non-traditional lifestyles and explores the question of why people choose to live that way. Get a fresh perspective on life and see if you’re up for a different style of living!


As always, our goal at Nakana is to help empower and inspire. Let us know what other podcasts you listen to for your daily inspiration!

Much Love,

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