peaceful lake


When that fresh water hits your skin, as you walk into a quiet lake tucked in the mountains... this bracelet is about embracing the peace we feel during those beautiful moments. Gorgeous on its own, or you can mix and match the stack with some of your other favorites.


  • Peace Charm
  • Cream Original
  • White Braided with Beads
  • Mini Navy Blue Braided
  • Adjustable from 2-5 inches in Diameter

    Customer Reviews

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    Jessie H.
    Doubles as an Anklet!

    My daughter put this on her ankle and it really looked so cute I just had to share! These are so stinking cute!

    Rachel J.
    Give The Gift Of Peace... By A Lake... Even Better! : WELL DESIGNED BRACELETS

    -SERENE & BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: This "Peaceful Lake" bracelet combo is really really beautiful. It's got this beautiful gold pieceemblem, and the bracelet color combos are cream, white, light blue & dark blue. VERY esthetically pleasing.
    -4 PIECE ENSEMBLE: I was pleasantly surprised to find this package is split into 4 separate bracelets that all create a the really beautiful collection shown in the picture. This makes it so nice to mix and match with different outfits if a certain color theme isn't transferring out of the 3. The bracelets look exactly like the picture too which is SO great because you actually get what you buy!
    -EASY TO TAKE ON & OFF: Another feature I LOVE is the slip style of the knots on the back. In order to take the bracelets on or off all you have to do is apply pressure to loosen, or pull one or both if the end strings to tighten it. It makes it REALLY easy to use!
    - GREAT LENGTH ADJUSTMENT OPTIONS: A really useful part if this bracelet is the length. All the bracelets have enough slack to widen if you have larger wrists. However I have a 6 year old and 4 year old daughters who I gave these to and they fit their wrists really well with out slippimg off at the tightest setting.
    -DURABLE MATERIAL: I'm really impressed with the weave of the bracelet material. It just feels more strong than what I was expecting. Of course time will tell, but I don't anticipate these breaking easily, which is key if your going to be outdoors alot.

    Kayla C.
    Blue Bliss!

    I LOVE the blues on this bracelet and feel that they all go flawlessly together. Reminds of an elegant hippy. The gold platting is gorgeous for this style. I love how strong the bracelet is where I don’t need to readjust or tighten it as often as I do other bracelets like this. I have only had to tighten it like once a week.

    Modern-Vintage Look

    The gold and different shades of blue and cream look amazing together. The charm is simple and ties all the bracelets together in a theme. It's a modern-vintage look that I love!

    Shahar L.
    My Summer Look

    Straight up, I wore this ALL summer from June until October. And it kept in tact SO well. Never had a problem with it. And obviously I loved it SO much since I never took it off for 4 months. I only took it off cause I got the Desert waves and so I switched up my bracelets a lil bit. Just to speak to quality a little more, the bracelet lasted through 2 weeks of living on a houseboat, and being in the water majority of the day. As well as weekly rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, four wheeling, beach bumming, and just about anything else outdoors for those 4 months. So it's lasted through lots of weather and activities and sweat and bumps against rock walls. And never had a problem. SO this truly is a perfect wanderlust bracelet.

    YZ c.
    So beautiful!!

    I am not a bracelet person but these are so beautiful and also lightweight I forget that i am wearing them. The biggest reason i really like them is that they are classy but also casual, I don't have to worry about if they will go with what i am wearing:) I just wear them all the time.

    Brenda H.
    Subtle Bling

    Colors are well coordinated. The extra beads give it a rich feel. It's natural looking with an added sparkle.

    Kelsey P.
    Super cute, cant wait to wear it

    Just got this bracelet and cant wait to wear it. I can already see how I can mix and match. It's a little hard to slide, but think it's going to loosen up as I wear them and I think it's really great quality. Won' fall off if I wear it often!

    Jamie H.

    Just got these. Super cute and goes with all my outfits! I will be back!


    The color coordination on this bracelet is very tasteful! There’s this really cute cross cross pattern with the beads that’s very catchy. This bracelet is your California beach shop style. Classic! I love this look. It’s also adjustable in size, which is perfect for a gift. And the back of the bracelet is as cute as the front:) you will be pleased👍🏻