red rocks


Red rocks, blue skies, and strawberry sand... the desert is truly it's own kind of beautiful. This bracelet is gorgeous on its own, or you can stack it with some of your other favs:)


  • White, Wine, Light Blue Original
  • Wine Knot
  • Small Gold Charm
  • Adjustable from 2-5 inches in Diameter

    Customer Reviews

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    Rachel J.
    Straberry Velvet Short Cake Yummmm... This Is My Nick Name For This Cutesy Designed Bracelet!

    -CUTE/DELICOUS DESIGN: This "Strawberry Sand" bracelet is really cute! The color combo got me! It's got these beautiful multi colored strands of red velvet, light blue and white. Just really pretty. It's actually a great pick for a guy in my opinion! My 8 year old son wanted this one so I got it for him!
    - REALISTIC REPRESENTATION: The bracelet look exactly like the picture too which is SO great because you actually get what you buy!
    -EASY TO TAKE ON & OFF: Another feature I LOVE is the slip style of the knots on the back. In order to take the bracelet on or off, all you have to do is apply pressure to loosen, or pull one or both of the end strings to tighten it. It makes it REALLY easy to use!
    - GREAT LENGTH ADJUSTMENT OPTIONS: A really useful part of this bracelet is the length. The bracelet has enough slack to widen if you have larger wrists. However I have a 6 year old and 4 year old daughters who I gave these to and they fit their wrists really well with out slippimg off at the tightest setting.
    -DURABLE MATERIAL: I'm really impressed with the weave of the bracelet material. It just feels more strong than what I was expecting. Of course time will tell, but I don't anticipate these breaking easily, which is key if your going to be outdoors alot.

    Michelle S.
    Simple & perfect!

    I love the simplicity of this bracelet! It’s so cute on its own, standing out in a subtle way. I also wear it with the emerald eye bracelet set sometimes :)

    Fun color scheme!

    I love this color scheme! It's so versatile which allows it to match with several things. I love the dark maroon paired with the lighter colors.

    Fall Time

    This bracelet gives me all the fall feels. I love it! Also the quality is great!

    Brenda H.

    This bracelet takes on the color of what you are wearing- blues, deep red or white. That is what stands out. Very versatile.

    Great gift

    This bracelet is so cool and I love the colors. I got it as a gift for someone and I just know they are gonna love it. This bracelet did not disappoint and I would definitely recommend.

    Kelsey P.
    Really love the colors!

    I got this for my r yead old daughter, and she loves it. Sometimes, I ask if I can borrow it fo wear too. :)

    Jessie H.
    Great Color Combo

    I love these colors together.

    Michaela K.
    Suicide Awareness 💞

    I think this is a great way to spread suicide awareness, in a fashionable way! I’ve personally lost people from suicide so I’m grateful there’s things like these bracelets that signify awareness.

    Strawberry SAND!!

    I really like this bracelet. It’s hard to find good quality bracelets like these. The colors are so well thought out and put together.