emerald eyes


Emerald eyes is rich with deep blues and radiant teals. Such a vibe for any adventure. This bracelet is gorgeous on its own, or you can mix and match the stack with other favorites.


  • Emerald Charm
  • Teal Mini Braided
  • White Original with Gold Beads
  • Adjustable from 2-5 inches in Diameter

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Michelle S.
    Love love love!

    Super cute bracelets! They all go together really well but it’s nice that you can wear them separately. Comfortable and adjustable.

    Kandice C.
    Eye-catching Emerald Eyes

    This piece really dresses up any outfit! I have worn this with my jeans and in a dress and I have received so many compliments. Very comfortable and I love being able to express my personality through these bracelets!

    Rachel J.

    -GORGEOUS DESIGN: This "Emerald Eye" bracelet combo is really stunning. It's got this beautiful turquoise stone thats framed in gold, and the bracelet color combos are white, turquoise and aqua blue. VERY esthetically pleasing.
    -3 PIECE ENSEMBLE: I was pleasantly surprised to find this package is split into 3 separate bracelets that all create a the really beautiful collection shown in the picture. This makes it so nice to mix and match with different outfits if a certain color theme isn't transferring out of the 3. The bracelets look exactly like the picture too which is SO great because you actually get what you buy!
    -EASY TO TAKE ON & OFF: Another feature I LOVE is the slip style of the knots on the back. In order to take the bracelets on or off all you have to do is apply pressure to loosen, or pull one or both if the end strings to tighten it. It makes it REALLY easy to use!
    - GREAT LENGTH ADJUSTMENT OPTIONS: A really useful part if this bracelet is the length. All the bracelets have enough slack to widen if you have larger wrists. However I have a 6 year old and 4 year old daughters who I gave these to and they fit their wrists really well with out slippimg off at the tightest setting.
    -DURABLE MATERIAL: I'm really impressed with the weave of the bracelet material. It just feels more strong than what I was expecting. Of course time will tell, but I don't anticipate these breaking easily, which is key if your going to be outdoors alot.

    Morgan P.
    cute but stiff

    These bracelets are really nice and are definitely made to last! Because they are so durable the strings that make up the bracelet are stiffer than they look, but I suspect that's to help with weathering and they might soften up a bit after a couple days wearing it.

    Beachy Elegant

    I love that the metal matches the color of the bracelet and it is the same metal used on the entire bracelet. The color scheme is elegant! I also like the size of the charm - big enough to see, but not too big that it is overbearing.

    Beautiful design!

    Really pretty and totally fits my vibe!

    Sherie M.
    Love, love, love

    Love this bracelet! The colors are gorgeous. I have small wrists and love the way this fits. Works for any size of wrists.

    Great couple bracelet

    When I was showing off this cute bracelet on my Lake Powell trip, this couple loved the colors and bought one to share. He would wear the blue bracelet, and she wore the emerald and white beaded bracelets. Honestly it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen. Not to mention how obsessed I am with the emerald!

    Laura R.
    This is my favorite.

    My favorite bracelet. I love the emerald eyes and it’s simplicity. This would be fun to wear around my ankle with shorts and sandles.

    Devonna C.
    Just Perfect!

    The teal adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit. I love the small, gold, floating beads. It’s a winner!