Not all who wander are lost. This bracelet is gorgeous on its own, or you can mix and match the stack with some of your other favorites.


  • Grey with Silver Compass Charm
  • Cream Original with Silver Beads
  • Navy Blue with Silver Mountain Charm
  • Adjustable from 2-5 inches in Diameter

    This Bracelet in the wild

    Customer Reviews

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    Terry T.
    Wanderer (bc I tend to...)

    My friend sent this to me. Just got it and already received two compliments today. This bracelet is well made, eye catching and meaningful. I absolutely love it.

    Stack em or wear em solo

    I love this bracelet! I love the mountain shape and the compass shape combined with the stars, it’s perfect alone or stacked.

    Kerry T.
    Perfect for the Adventurer

    Love this signature bracelet that expresses my love for the mountains and the time I spend there! Comfortable and eye catching! Can’t wait to show this off!

    Jessie H.
    The Mountains are Calling

    I love the colors and design of this bracelet! Will definitely be ordering more. Such great quality. 💗

    Rachel J.
    I'm Officially A "Wanderer" : Really Well Designed Accessory

    -BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: This "wanderer" bracelet is really pretty. Its got the pretty silver accents and the colors combo is light grey, cream & navy blue. Just really esthetically pleasing.
    -3 PIECE ENSEMBLE: I was curious if this particular bracelet was a whole piece or separate pieces you pair together to make the whole ensemble. I was pleasantly surprised to find this package is split into 3 separate bracelets that all create a the really beautiful collection shown in the picture. This makes it so nice to mix and match with different outfit if a certain color theme isn't transferring out of the 3. The bracelets look exactly like the picture too which is SO great because you actually get what you buy!
    -EASY TO TAKE ON & OFF: Another feature I LOVE is the slip style of the knots on the back. In order to take the bracelets on or off all you have to do is apply pressure to loosen, or pull one or both if the end strings to tighten it. It makes it REALLY easy to use!
    - GREAT LENGTH ADJUSTMENT OPTIONS: A really useful part if this bracelet is the length. All the bracelets have enough slack to widen if you have larger wrists. However I have a 6 year old and 4 year old daughters who I gave these to and they fit their wrists really well with out slippimg off at the tightest setting.
    -DURABLE MATERIAL: I'm really impressed with the weave of the bracelet material. It just feels more strong than what I was expecting. Of course time will tell, but I don't anticipate these breaking easily, which is key if your going to be outdoors alot.

    Kayla C.
    Bought this Twice!

    I actually bought this bracelet twice because the first one I had, I actually ruined when painting my new home (so totally my bad,) but I bought it again and I can tell that the new one has a metal upgrade! The metal is stronger and thicker this time around and doesn’t deteriorate. The previous one I had, started to get a ring or pink, but this one hasn’t done that. It’s awesome to see that the owner of Nakana Bracelets is always trying to find new ways to improve the quality of these amazing bracelets. I HIGHLY recommend this one! The compass is my favorite.

    Mountain lover!

    I love getting up in the mountains so I was drawn to this one! I only gave it 4 stars because I would have liked this one in earthy colors. The blue and white gives it more of a nautical look in my opinion. Great quality and I love the stackable aspect of this one!

    Pretty Good

    It was a little hard to loosen the strings to put them on when I first got them. But a week later now and they loosen just enough to take them off but tight enough to not fall off. Love them:)

    Wish it had more beads

    I got this bracelet, good shipping and quality but I gave it 3 stars cause I wish there were more silver beads in the middle cream colored bracelet.

    This one is my favorite!

    I love that this can be worn as a set or separately, and they are all equally as cute! It's super earthy in the colors, and it's perfect to wear in all my adventuring. It just makes me want to explore!